Alexander MacAngus

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Following a career in military and civil aviation, I joined a dotcom incubator where I invested in early stage tech businesses. The group of companies covered e-commerce, comparison shopping engines, payments and cyber security. My consultancy business, negotiating merchant acquiring contracts for enterprise clients, laid the foundation for Payen’s multi-acquiring payments platform in 2010.

Having spent 5 years building a scalable payments tech platform and 3 years growing at over 110% CAG, my mission is to ensure the company continues to grow at >50% CAG over the next 5 years and becomes globally recognised as a payments innovator whose products and services are second to none. I am particularly passionate about launching the Payen Debit Card for underbanked demographics as we would like to add innovation to customers who don’t normally get looked after. Simple budgeting tools can hopefully allow vulnerable people to better manage their limited finances and help them reduce the poverty premium they are forced to pay.

As a passionate lifelong skier, I have never been known to turn down a ski trip invitation. Married for 30 years, a wife, two adult daughters and a dog keep me pretty grounded.